November 14, 2014

Update on High Rock Lake drawdown

NC Dept. of Transportation completes review of causeway, water level begins to rise

Water levels at High Rock Lake will gradually begin to rise in the weeks and months to come as Alcoa Power Generating Inc. begins to refill the lake after a planned drawdown. The lake levels began dropping on October 1 to accommodate the NC Department of Transportation, which needed examine the causeway at State Route 2150 (St. Matthews Church Road) and develop a repair plan.
With the Department of Transportation’s review of the causeway now complete, water levels will begin to rise.
“The drawdown went smoothly. Now, we’re just waiting on the rain,” said Karen Baldwin, APGI Natural Resources Manager. “The more rain we receive, the faster the water levels at High Rock Lake will rise. Our goal is to refill the lake as quickly as possible.”
Water levels at High Rock Lake have risen 1.5 feet since Saturday, November 8 and are currently about 8 feet below normal for this time of year. Current lake levels are available online at